SharePoint 2010 Architectures Overview

Nice extended post on MSDN about SharePoint 2010 Architecture, lots of info there..!


Samsung Galaxy S connection with pc, MTP application keeps restarting

For private use I have a Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone that runs on Android. Since I am a guy that works in IT I every now and then check the internet for firmware upgrades for devices like these.

Yesterday I decided to upgrade the firmware on my galaxy s to a more recent version and for that the phone needs to be connected with the PC. Easy you would say.. Uhhh think again!

Samsung uses a desktop application that you need to use for synchronizing stuff between your phone and computer like, contacts, photos, videos, text messages etc.

When you want to upgrade your phone with the latest firmware, Samsung Kies is the tool your doomed too! Bedroefde emoticon

Here is what I did:

Downloaded the most recent version of “Samsung Kies” of the internet, installed it and connected my phone via USB with the computer. On the phone I then get to choose how i would like to connect it to my computer, picked “Samsung Kies” and from that point on, a screen keeps restarting on the phone called “MTP Application”. So i started to download the internet and search for a solution, cause there should always be one right?

First i tried this: didn’t work for me.

Then i installed Samsung Kies on an old “Windows XP” virtual machine that was dusting away somewhere on the filesystem, didn’t work either. Next thing, an attempt to install Samsung Kies on a laptop, nope still not working!

I allready called with the company that sold me my phone, they told me that i should bringt it over and let them have a look. Offcourse i said ok, disconnected and had 1 more look on the internet i downloaded earlier in my post.


Found it!

It’s easy!

Here it comes:

1.Backup youre media (Photos movies etc) Use bluetooth or USB, whatever works for you because all youre media will be erased. (Contacts, applications and sms will remain on phone. Some apps store data on sd-card though. Dont blame me if you loose something important.
2. Press the menu button and select "settings". Then go to "sd-card and phone memory"
3. Choose "uninstall sd-card" then "Format sd-card"
4. Restart youre phone

Worked for me!