Second day at the Best Practices SharePoint Conference #BPCUK

The first day was great, we attended some interesting sessions and had a lot fun in general.

The sessions I attended today:

– This is me, is that you? Identity management in SharePoint 2010. Rick Taylor IT106
– End User Adoption – the most hijacked SharePoint Term, what does it actually mean. Steve Smith IW407
– SharePoint Search 2010 Challenges Tricks and Tips. Matthew McDermott IT/DEV308
– Creating Sites,Site Definitions,Web Templates and custom code. Mirjam Van Olst – DEV209
– SharePoint Branding – From Beginning to End. Matthew Hughes COM610
– Achieving Return of Investment with SharePoint. Brad Smith IW411

Identity management

Rick Taylor’s session was a lot of fun as usual, it’s always a great experience to attend his sessions, it was about identity management, who are you, and how do you make yourself visible. He had some interesting tips about FIM, Forefront Identity Management Server. For instance, it installs a WSS 3.0 site for management purposes. That does not mix with a SharePoint 2010 WFE so you need to install it on a dedicated server.

Next session by Steve Smith, he talked about a hyped term, user adoption. Some keywords to make his vision clear to the audience.

Define end user adoption

End user adoption is:

– Unique for each company, never the same.
– Collaboration is key
– If the SharePoint environment is visited everyday
– If forms are available, company wide
– Not about tools but people, train them to use the new business tool, SharePoint.
– When process automation is in place. Don’t make it harder, make it easier.
– Social Networking can stimulate end user adoption.
– Targeted content, make it relevant for each user.
– A portal should always be intuitive, the ease of use should be high.


To make sure that end user adoption can be handled and supported in a good way some requirements should be met up front: Start with a vision, when did a company think of its long term vision, where will they be in 10 years? Then again, a lot can happen in 10 years, it might not be what you originally planned. Don’t link vision with technology, it doesn’t work! A vision should not be a general goal.

How to achieve end user adoption

– Who will be our customers, how will we work then
– Ensure everyone is onboard, Project/ business process experts, Information Architecture experts, Power users, Technical IT Pro’s / Development, CEO’s.
– Align user needs
– Identify business processes
– Train people that are in the team
– Define measurable and achievable milestones
– Make the model flexible enough for the future
– Pilot, feedback, re-test, deploy
– Tasks should make work easier, not more complex
– Take time for a project, between half a year / 1 year
– Make sure you analyze the use of sites and pages. Measured statistics will prove adoption short and long term objectives over time
– You cannot afford to switch your users off on day 1

SharePoint Search 2010 Challenges Tricks and Tips

Third session on Tuesday by Mathew McDermott. It was a fun and good session about SharePoint search tips and tricks. Here are some keywords I wrote down during this session:

– DFS for large file storage, distribute large files to geo locations. Location matters.
– Search indexes DFS and is presented to the user as if he sees results locally.
– Dfs root indexeren. Met server name mapping de interne url van de dfs vervangen voor de dfs url zoals bekend bij de user.
– In SharePoint 2010 link lists are indexed on a smart way, if a 404 is returned it will not be in the search index.
– Server name mapping is key if you want users to directly let users to go destination from search results instead of first going to the list.
– Create scopes for different types of information returned in search center.

  • Images
    • Include rules, contenttype = image/jpeg , contenttype = image/gif etc…


  • Excel
  • Word
    SharePoint 2010 fixes the result xsl if there is an error.

Prepopulate query suggestions lists with powershell to create a high useability from start.

Tip, a lot of good result xslt examples:

So far my notes on the second day of the SharePoint Best Practices Conference, the other sessions where interesting but not very new to me therefore I do not have to much to tell about it.. At then end of day K2 organized a very fun and good party in a club downtown london, getting up today was not the easiest part of this conference. 🙂



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