SharePoint 2013 in Las Vegas – What’s new for IT pro’s, SPC12

Me and two colleagues from The Triple A Company are visiting the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas this week.

Besides a lot of community people and party’s the sessions are off course the main reason for us to be here. On the first day the key note kicked off the conference which was a great keynote.

On day one I decided to have a look at the “What’s new for IT pro’s” session to begin with. It turned out to be a great headsup on future changes and new stuff that is in SP2013.

My notes:

  • SP2013 cannot be installed on client systems.
  • 14 hive will exist within the (new)15 hive.
  • There will be a corporate catalog and general a market place.
  • New translation service, content as well!
    • Also on the client model.
  • Word documents can get translated live and real time…
  • There is a work management service for creating a task rollup. Exchange/SharePoint/Lync/project.
  • PowerPoint automation service, convert to pdf. Was allready available in SP2010.
  • Office web apps, seperate server, no service apps.
  • Improved urls, wac url. Web=1 parameter, to open in browser.
  • Web analytic is no service application any longer.
  • New analytics based on search.
  • Only delta’s are saved, not de complete version of a document. This is off course trivial for planning storage. Another topic that is related to this one is called “shredded storage” for SQL. This means that for instance powerpoint no longer will be saved as one big blob, but lets say that i have 10 slides, in 10 smaller blob parts.
  • Minimal download strategy.
  • No chrome refresh in pages. No page flicker.
  • License management on AD level, for WebParts and SharePoint farms. This will cut a lot of costs on SharePoint implementations..
  • PowerShell for SharePoint command builder, a new html page at Microsoft.
    That are my first notes of a session on monday, I will post some more this or next week. Cheers!

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