Microsoft Ignite – Monday

Alright, we have landed in Atlanta on Saturday and made the Airbnb house our home. We used our first two days to enjoy the house, the city and a first party on Sunday evening organized by the SPC Party Patrol, which was fun!

On Monday the Ignite conference started with the keynote, introduced by Julia White, she is the general manager of product marketing for Office and took care of the first part of the keynote. After that she handed over to Scott Guthrie who guided the audience through the rest of the keynote. There is not much to say about the content of this first keynote unfortunately. There was not much news to it.

I had the chance to visit a nice session about the new admin portal of Office 365, it has been completely restyled and uses smart search functionality to help you as an admin to do your job in a quick and proper way.

At the end of day 1 the second keynote was presented by Satya Nadella which was awesome. It had great vision about using AI to make life and work more productive and easy for everyone. To empower every person to achieve more!

They presented an amazing demo by showing what a FPGA processing power unit could do when it utilizes the full spectrum of all azure resources. It could translate all UK wiki pages to Spanish within a 10th of a second. Wauw!


It was a nice conference day with an inspiring keynote to close it off.

We took a Uber taxi to our house and watched the first debat between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, which was entertaining! Oh, and Uber is great!

I am looking forward to tomorrow, with hopefully a few more in depth sessions. Cheers.


Ignite 2016 – Atlanta coming up!

This Saturday, september 24th, me and three other colleagues of mine are flying over to the states to visit the worlds largest tech conference available. Microsoft Ignite 2016!

When decided who of all colleagues could attend the first thing to do is arrange the basics. A place to stay and get the tickets! For our stay we had a look at the hotel availability and we found all affordable hotels already booked. So we decided to have a go with AirBnB and my colleageau found a very nice residence for us all to sleep and to get rid of the party gizz that will be flowing during this week. The tickets were bought and now we find ourselves three days before we travel and start the crazy week that will bring high energy spikes with it 🙂

I will write down my notes on this blog so keep an eye out for new posts during next week!

Cheers and if your also attending and would like to meet, let me know!